4 Tips for Summer Car Care: A Cyprus24 Service

Summer car care? Let us do the work..

It’s road trip season! Whether you are a mountain or a sea lover and you want to go for excursions you need to get your favorite vehicle ready for action!

Below you can read four helpful tips to get your car summer ready:

#1 Keep your windshield clean

Cleaning your windshield is a very important thing to do, especially during the summer months. Driving your car covered in bug splatters is not very pleasant to look at, and it also blocks your view. Make sure you always use a washer fluid that can prevent bugs from sticking on your car, and whenever you go to a gas station use a squeegee to keep the fluids topped off. 

#2 Car wash

Driving your car during summertime means you need to get it washed more frequently since it gets covered in dirt, sand, and road grime. Also, keep in mind that it is best to give your car a good wash after every road trip. In general, regular washing is an important part of summer car care.

#3 Vacuum

After your car is all clean and shiny don’t forget to vacuum the inside as well. Get rid of all the crumbs you dropped from that cookie you had with your coffee on the way to work. Kids also love snacking so pay extra attention to the rear seats. If possible, remove them to clean whatever is underneath them.

#4 Drink Spills

Keeping hydrated in summer is a very good idea. What happens though when you accidentally spill your drink on your favorite clothes and car seat? You need to clean the sticky mess as soon as possible before it gets worse after sitting a few hours in the sun. Make sure you wipe any spilled drink from the seats, floor, and center console.

Enjoy your summer days and wherever your road takes you, but make sure you spend a little time for summer car care.

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