7 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Goodbye winter and welcome spring, we hope you love our 7 tips for spring cleaning! Longer days, flowers are blooming, the sun is up and your wardrobe is about to change. But also, your spring cleaning habits are about to change.

So, what do you think about cleaning? Sounds like a lot of work but we can give you some small tips that will make your spring cleaning easier and most importantly, fun! Turn up the music and let’s get started!

Tip 1: Windows

Lift up the blinds and wash windows with glass cleaner and then clean them with a microfiber cloth. Then lower the blinds and shades and dust them with a duster. If your windows have fabric shades use your vacuum for the finish.

Tip 2: Cellphone

It might not cross your mind, but studies show your phone is dirtier than your toilet seat! Disgusting! All you have to do is remove the case, and clean your phone with an antiseptic wet wipe. Then do the same to the case before you replace it.

Tip 3: Pet beds

To protect your loveable pet, make sure when buying a pet bed, it’s made from 100% merino wool which is mite and bug resistant. Clean the bed by placing it in the washing machine at the highest degree possible or you can do it yourself by placing it in the sun once every two weeks.

Tip 4: Trash cans

DIY by mixing one cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and 20-40 drops of tea tree – lemon eucalyptus essential oil in a small bowl. Then use a soft microfiber cloth and dip it in the mixture to clean the can and especially the cover and foot petal.

Pro tip: Use a toothbrush which you don’t need – if necessary.

Tip 5: Shower drain

To prevent your shower drain from unwanted blockage, and to keep them clean, mix ½ cup baking soda with ¼ table salt and pour the mixture into the drain followed by one cup of heated vinegar. Leave it for 15 minutes to do the work. Then let hot water run for 15-30 seconds and voila!

 Tip 6: Car

After a long winter it’s always a good idea to take care of your car too. It’s best to firstly remove the mats, dust off all the dirt, and then give them a good wash using a car shampoo and cleanse them off with water. After, wash the interior panels with an all-purpose cleaner – then finish the magic with a household glass friendly cleaner on windows and mirrors.

Tip 7: Bookshelves

For all you book lovers we know you spend hours and days reading your favorite books but besides from a clear mind, your library also needs clear shelves! First organize your books, magazines and novels in alphabetical order and sort them by size. And don’t forget to dust!

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