"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do."


  Our Story

There are currently some major obstacles for anyone trying to create a startup. For those of us in developed markets, the process of starting a business can seem daunting. Combine this with the options of traditionally secure jobs, and it seems like the effort and stress don’t seem to justify the potential benefit. For those in emerging markets, creative ventures pose even higher risks. For some, it can be an all-or-nothing effort.

Our Proposal

Startup Ark's proposed solution is the provision of an international virtual and physical network. Venture-creation support will come in the form of on-demand expert guidance, resources provision from within the network, and sheer exposure of the startups themselves from international broadcasting. The network will also serve as a strong link between emerging and developed markets. This way, we can promote the sharing of great ideas around the world. Many bright would-be-entrepreneurs don’t have access to the opportunities or resources necessary to let their ideas flourish. With our solution, we can help ensure that all good startups can become a reality, regardless of where they come from.


Who We Are

Startup Ark is a team of energetic and high caliber professionals with a passion to share their expertise in order to help other businesses grow. We want entrepreneurs to know we can provide them with a network for developing their products and services, with lots of other possibilities to improve their chances of generating more added value for their business.

Our Vision

At Startup Ark our vision is to become the world’s best global, interconnected network that helps new startups become a reality in all corners of the earth. We take the promising ideas and products of budding startups like yours and give you the tools, exposure, and expert guidance you need.

What We Do

We are developing one of the most unique networks for assisting entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. We want to give them the opportunity to develop their ideas, make their first professional prototypes, and market their ventures nationally and internationally.


Our Mission

Startup Ark's mission is to take in startups from any place at any time, and with the help of our worldwide network, help those startups become mature, fully-functioning businesses. Whether you’re looking for the right resources to build your product, need marketing, or are in search of a profitable business model, you’re in the right place.

We offer a variety of services to help you at any stage of the startup process from start to finish and anything in between. You name it, we got it.