HP Pavilion is a line of personal computers produced by Hewlett Packard and introduced in 1995.
The first PCs gave consumers insight into its business practices, culture, and management style.
HP also produced a low-cost, high-speed infrared transceiver that allowed wireless data exchange in a range of portable computing applications; these included telephones, computers, printers, cash registers, automatic teller machines, and digital cameras.

The first HP Pavilion PC

The HP Pavilion 5030 was technically HP’s second multimedia PC designed specifically for the home market.
The first was called the HP Multimedia PC; the model numbers were 6100, 6140S and 6170S. Pavilion went on to become a popular model.
Its specifications included a quad-speed CD-ROM drive, Altec Lansing speakers, software for online service access and Microsoft Windows 95. 

Modern evolution

HP offers about 30 customizable desktops; of these, 5 are standard HP Pavilion, 4 are Slimline, 6 are High-Performance Edition (HPE), 5 are “Phoenix” HPE Gaming editions*, 5 are Touchsmart, and 5 are All-In-One.

Currently, in 2019, we have HP being focused on laptops production.

Top-Rated HP Laptops

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