Party at Your Place – 8 Tips For a Perfect Cocktail Night

Summer is around the corner and its party season! Evenings with friends on the balcony, or in the garden are a must. Cool cocktails, beers, and frozen refreshments are what you need to start the party night. However, if you want to give your party a special character, you need to take care of the details.

From the decoration of your garden, to the glasses that will serve your drinks, or the food you are going to prepare for your guests; Cyprus24 is here to give you 8 useful tips you need to organize a fabulous party night!

Let’s get started!

# 1:  Finger food and savory snacks are perfect to accompany the drinks. And don’t forget the desserts!

# 2:  Good lighting is important for a chill out night. Buy garden lights, or you can even use candles that you already have in your home.

# 3: Bring board games and tell your friends. Let the games begin!

# 4: At the end of the night give away small gifts to your guests like desserts in small jars or something that symbolizes your relationship with them. That will put a smile on their faces.

# 5:  Bright colored balloons in different shapes will be valuable to your decoration.

# 6: Want to become a DJ for a night? Prepare a song list with the latest hits to set a good mood.

# 7:  Use colored glasses, jars or even natural products like pineapples or watermelons to serve your mixed drinks.

# 8: Ever thought of throwing a theme party dressed as Elvis Presley or Madonna? You can tell all you friends to dress as their favorite character. The best costume wins a prize!

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