Script writing comes from personal experience, motivation or imagination, but many times it is a difficult progress.
In addition 80% of the times the script is not materialized.
In the modern world creativity stays hidden inside the daily life routine.
There are various types of people that want to express their imagination and creativity through writing.
Some days while returning home, I wanted to share the incidents of my life with someone so much.
I used to say that they could become a book, but either the busy schedule of my life or the lack of concentration to just down my thoughts in a proper way, stopped me from trying to write my experiences on a paper.

When you attempt to write for the first time it can be really difficult. This happens because describing images and scenes you have in your mind, requires a specific method.
There are people that have many good ideas for a script, but their skills is still at a low level.
If they knew how to develop their talent then their scripts would have high-quality content, which would lead to a wide range of new books, new movies, or series.

Let’s see how we can help your ideas to evolve, so you can follow a writer’s career.

Your story

First of all, before you touch your pen on a paper or type in Word, you have to know what your story is about.
Select the genre that will be featured in your pages, such as drama, action, fantasy etc.
Then, take notes of your main characters. How are they? What are their personalities?
If it’s a series or a serial, do you have enough story to keep it going over a number of episodes, or weeks?
Knowing where to start with the story that you tell is inextricably linked to the ending you are trying to reach.
Keep in mind that you should not make everything obvious from the beginning, as this will make the readers bored and
they will quit reading it soon.
With that in mind, you don’t have to introduce every character, every theme, and every plot straight away.
Bring them in when you really need them to move the story forward, to surprise the audience, or step it up
(or down) a gear.

End of the story

Great endings somehow feel inevitable – they are what should follow-on from everything that has been going on before. Yet they must also not be predictable – if we can simply see what’s happening and predict how we’re going to get there, then there’s no surprise along the way. So, does the ending truly deliver what you set up at the start? But does it also come in a surprising and somehow unpredictable way?
Bad endings forget the audience. Great endings respect the audience.

Bring your ideas to life

Release your passion for writing and do not let anything keep you back.
If you just need some lessons to boost your imagination, or your script writing skills then we can give you a hand with a tap.
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