Networking Startup Ark


We are developing one of the most unique networks for assisting entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. We want to give them the opportunity to develop their ideas, make their first professional prototypes, and market their ventures nationally and internationally.

Through our network, we can help launch entrepreneurs into the best possible ecosystem that facilitates them in reaching the global market with minimum investment and maximum publicity.

As you can imagine, that’s all a pretty tall order. In order to achieve what we set to accomplish, we have two main targets to address:

  1. Getting in touch with the right people, including educational, governmental, and private establishments which are active and interested in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. Marketing our services; we want entrepreneurs to be aware that we can provide them a network for developing their product and services, with lots of other possibilities to improve their chances of generating more added value for their business.

StartupArk extends across countries and territories– with partners all over the world, who are all working towards one goal: to provide our clients with exceptional service.

Our firms across the organization cooperate closely and comply with consistent operating principles and quality standards. That means local resources who understand your business, your local and international markets and the specifics of your industry: all backed by a truly global organization.

Our Experience

StartupArk vision is to become the world’s best global, interconnected network that helps new startups become a reality in all corners of the earth.

. This is not about reinventing our profession’s approach to service, but about delivering our services exceptionally well – and delivering that high quality consistently in every office, every country and every territory where we have a presence. No matter where you do business, we have people who can help.

We demonstrate our objectivity and independence when dealing with our clients’ business issues, and this helps us to build relationships based on trust. There are five key components that describe BDO and our consistently exceptional service delivery:

CLIENT NEEDS: we anticipate our clients’ needs and are forthright in our views, in order to ensure the best outcome for you

COMMUNICATION: we are always clear, open & swift in our communication

COMMITMENT: we agree to and meet our commitments, meaning that we deliver what we promise, every day, for every client

PEOPLE: at StartupArk we are proud to provide the right environment for our people to grow and develop – but also the right people to deliver for our clients

VALUE: Our experts focus on creating value: we give our clients up to date ideas and valuable insights and advice that they can trust

We are a global organization built on local relationships.


We’re big enough to be able to access the best group of experts for your needs from our national and international network, and we’re small enough to be responsive and innovative in how we tackle our clients’ challenges.

Our clients receive the right focus from the right people: people who are empowered and whose approach is hands-on. We can provide the perfect contact for your needs, no matter where in the world you are, and no matter where in the world you want to go.