Startup Stories: Diyful
The idea

The Diyful idea was initially conceived by Christophoros Tzirtzipis, who was joined later by Antonis Poupazis  and Charis Charalambous to co-found the company. Together, they identified specific problems in the DIY industry – massive amounts of fragmented information available online and a lack of tools to help the end user find out what they need, and how much, to undertake a DIY project. They decided to fill in the gap within the DIY industry by creating an online platform that would offer key information to every DIY’er – information that could not be found anywhere else on the web.

Diyful provided unique and innovative online tools to make home improvement projects easier and cost effective. It allows users to calculate the quantity of materials needed for their DIY projects and get recommendations for the right tools, all while calculating the costs.DIYers could also compare over 60,000 products, prices, and specs to manage their budget. The website acts as an aggregator for experts, and visitors can ask for advice or hire in case a project goes wrong.


The plan

The plan was to create a platform where visitors could discover which materials & tools are most suitable for their DIY project, calculate the quantities needed, plus production & project cost, and locate the cheapest and/or nearest stores to buy everything they need. In addition, Diyful provided How-to Guides along with each DIY project/task for the inexperienced DIYers who lacked the know-how. Also, after careful consideration they added an ‘Experts’ listing for the Diyful member who wishes to hire someone to assist them or undertake the project for them. All of the above were created with one purpose in mind – to overcome the fragmentation of information scattered online. Their goal was to provide an insightful and seamless process, so that their members would be able log on and take their DIY project from the initial concept stage to completion without having to leave the Diyful platform.


The idea was given shape and form during the Startup Weekend Cyprus in December 2013, where it won 1st place at the competition. From there, the Diyful team traveled to Techstars London and Athens to receive mentoring and expose the platform to a wider audience. In the meantime, the team had been working on raising brand awareness with an online presence and through social media, while developing the product. Diyful efforts paid off again, winning 1st place at Digital Championship Cyprus, June 2014. They launched the open Beta version 1.1 and commenced the development of a cross platform app for mobile devices. We want to revolutionize the way people DIY, hence they got their hands dirty and started exploiting the potentials of augmented reality on mobile devices – imagine using your smartphone’s camera to calculate your DIY specs and view the changes in real time.


Founder’s own words

Christoforos, who had the original idea, stated: “Being an entrepreneur is an amazing experience. You are your own boss. You are more productive and more passionate about what you do. But you need to work hard and be devoted. Our motto is ‘you have to be cockroaches that surf within a funnel’ which means that you have be tough like a creature that can survive almost everything, because you need to keep going and not sink despite the difficulties you will face! ICT in general and the web (mobile included) is the future. It’s a rapidly expanding sector that offers opportunities and it is extremely challenging for any young person, especially an entrepreneur who wants to ‘change the world’.”


Diyful was also available as a plugin for websites and as an In-store solution for retailers to help customers have a better shopping experience and at the same time cross sell products. In addition, they introduced their first web series for amateur DIY-ers called “DO IT – The DIY Show”


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Image Credits: Cyprus Mail