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Pollfish – Survey millions.

What is Pollfish?

Pollfish is a hybrid-service survey platform that merges methodology and technology to provide an innovative solution for conducting market research and collecting the most accurate insights. Moreover, it provides access to millions of targeted smartphone devices around the world, for you to survey.

VC backed and trusted by clients such as Bustle, BBDO, and Publicis Group, Pollfish is disrupting the legacy survey research space by providing superior quality insights, delivered faster, and at a lower cost than traditional market research providers.

Why Pollfish?

The world has millions of mobile users on the go, constantly engaging on their smartphones. These users have important opinions, knowledge, and feedback. This actionable intelligence and insights are necessary for you or your customer’s business, but how do you reach them? How do you get to the elusive mobile user? Pollfish is a new amazing way to get the feedback you and your customer need from the ocean of mobile users.

How does it work?

It’s easy. Just set up a survey and publish. Your survey will then appear within their network of partner applications in a unique and optimized way. Minimally intrusive, easy, and made for mobile. Users tap and respond. You get the answers. But what makes Pollfish truly amazing is that they bring the audience. Specifically, Pollfish distributes to millions of users on their partner applications. Ask those you really want. In addition, you can target down to the micro level: Location, device used, mobile provider. Get results quick as a flash.

Real Consumers

Pollfish gives you real consumer insights that come from more than 550 million real consumers. With the broadest distribution and narrow targeting, they find the right audience for any survey.

App Partners

Pollfish partners with app publishers to deliver surveys to respondents while they are engaged in their organic environment: mobile apps.

Solutions for:


Form data-backed campaigns, test creative concepts, or craft a custom consumer report before a pitch. Pollfish’s data helps advertising agencies win new business and gives them insights to keep their existing clients happy.


Whether you’re B2B, B2C, DTC, or CPG—your brand is speaking volumes. Do you know what it’s saying to consumers? Pollfish’s data helps brands measure their positioning efforts and find opportunities to stay popular and profitable with their audiences.

Market Research

Imagine getting high-quality data with delivered randomly, organically, and getting results near instantaneously with narrow audience targeting capability. Pollfish’s market research solutions are perfect for any size research project.


Everyone knows that efficient, effective content starts by knowing your target audience. Use Pollfish’s data to learn which topics resonate with your core consumers, which types of content they prefer to consume, and where and how they discover it.


You have an idea of what your end-user wants, but getting them there is another story. Pollfish’s surveys put you in touch with the right audience and give you the data to validate and iterate every step of a customer-focused product.


Pollfish won’t break the bank. You’ll be amazed. Get the answers you really need. From simple to complex, Create surveys with branching, filters, and shuffling to your heart’s content. Up and running in minutes.

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