The history of photography began in remote antiquity with the discovery of two critical principles: camera obscura image projection and the observation that some substances are visibly altered by exposure to light. There are no artifacts or descriptions that indicate any attempt to capture images with light-sensitive materials prior to the 18th century.

In the Modern World

Nowadays, almost everything is about photography. We could analyze the roles of photography for hours, but today we will sum it all up. Our generation became familiar with cameras since we were kids. As technology is adding a camera to all devices and the photographic lenses evolved, either in devices such as mobiles and tablets, or the original cameras. The resolution is high and the possibilities countless. All devices now have the option of editing photos and adding filters to have the best final result in colors.

The Occasions

Professional and amateur photographers carry at least one camera on them wherever they go. There are many occasions we take a photo. The most popular occasion, someone would say, is taking photos for social media. Especially young people are on the hunt of likes on Facebook and Instagram. They like to show their daily activities and what they bought.

Another occasion is photo shooting during events. Professionals and no, cover some events with photo content. Most famous of them all is marriage. Second place has parties and concerts.
But most people use photography to capture memorable moments. Either is family photos or sceneries, while one is hiking and enjoying nature’s portraits.  The only difference is that professional photographers have the knowledge of counting the light’s exposure, the circumstances of the photo shooting, the colors and shades as also the correct angle.

Variety of Subjects

Bellow, we will mention all the categories photography can take place.

  • Digital or film
  • Wedding
  • Commercial
  • Macro photo
  • Still life photo
  • Portrait
  • Aerial photo and video
  • Videography
  • Digital imaging

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