Human nature is always in need of a companion, the most famous is a pet. We can find easily human friends but the question is, can we always trust them? Or, do they stay for a long time beside us?
I am sure that all of us can remember our child self asking for a pet, mostly that pet was a puppy, a dog we could play for hours and run.

Is not all the time an easy case to have a small friend though, we should know how to take care of it. More importantly to teach our kids how to do that, so in this time we will give some simple tips of how to keep our pet healthy and happy, for the kids to learn and for the adults to remember the right steps of a dog’s treatment.

1.  Be Your Dog’s Companion

 You should make sure the dog spends most of his time in the house with the family. A fenced yard or doghouse may provide a large playing ground for your dog, although the best solution would be a walk with your dog in a park.

2. Nutritional Balanced Diet and Constant Water Supply 

With age, your dog’s food will start changing, and you must check and clean their teeth regularly to make sure they are feeding properly. Also, make sure to keep out harmful people foods and poisonous plants out of your dog’s reach. 

3. Keep Your Dog on a Leash When You Are On Public Property 

As a responsible pet parent, the best thing for you, your dog, and the public is to have total control of your pet at every point in time, especially when you are out on shared public spaces. 

4. Training Class 

A training class is a safe and humane way of effectively controlling his behavior, and the experience can impact your relationship with your furry friend positively. 

5. Patience with your pet 

Set reasonable expectations about your dog, and remember that you can always resolve most behavioral issues raised by your animal companion.

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