The last years men and women adapting to laser hair removal. Summer is the season everybody is looking for a permanent solution in hair removal, while they want to spend their time by laying on the beach and having a good time, instead of thinking they need to have to shave every day.

However, before we rush to book an appointment with our technician. there are some things we should know, something like preparation and rules.
Sometimes we cannot imagine that for simple things we should be careful. It is a matter of health after all, not only beauty.

Important tips before hair removal

1. Avoid Plucking and Waxing
At least four weeks before, you need to completely cease these methods of hair removal and stick to shaving for those last few weeks.
This is because plucking and waxing can remove more than the hair itself by also taking out the root.

2. UV Exposure
The two weeks leading up to your appointment, you should avoid sun exposure. Discoloration on the skin can lead to issues with the procedure, and sunburn can lead to extreme pain.

3. Shave the Area
It is highly recommended by professionals to shave 12 to 24 hours before your appointment.

4. Cross-Check Medications
During your consultation be sure to disclose any and all medications you are on, oral and topical. This is because certain medications can make you more sensitive to light.

5. Go Product-Free
On the day of your session, you should avoid using any creams, ointments, lotions, makeup, or deodorant. This is because certain ingredients can impact the effectiveness of the procedure.

You should also be prepared for some irritation, is not necessarily pain or skin damage, but there may be a slight amount of irritation and redness.
Do not worry, laser hair removal can be a friendly and stress-free experience. When it is done you will be carefree and…hair free to enjoy your vacation.

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