World famous “Sophia the robot” in Cyprus

The world’s first Android citizen SOPHIA came for the first time in Cyprus, for the “Reflect Festival”, which is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East.


More than 1000 participants, business visionaries, supervisors, pioneers, students, and future devotees met in Limassol, Cyprus. In addition, 60 speakers from more than 30 nations attended the event.


Among the striking speakers of “Reflect”, the Founder of Aeromobil, a pioneer flying-vehicle organization, the primary human Android native Sophia, one of the early financial specialists at Spotify, the Head of AI at Adobe, the Founder and CEO of Jungle Creations, the CEO at JIVR, an electric collapsing bicycle brand, and the Business Development Manager of NVIDIA. Moreover, a lot of increasingly world trend-setters also joined the celebration.


Sophia was interviewed on stage by Stefan van der Fluit. She also replied to written questions from the participants at the festival. Coming right from Hong Kong to Limassol, she said she would love to visit the historical center of the city. Furthermore, she was asked if she would like to relocate in Cyprus in the future, and it’s something she has been thinking about.

Name origins

The robot is well aware that her name is Greek. “I am very proud of my name, it means wisdom and I hope I can live up to it one day,” she said.

About Sophia

Apart from English, she said she can speak some Chinese.  Plus, she likes to travel the world and teach people about the benefits of technology in education, health, finance, transportation, and agriculture.

Sophia, who has visited 12 countries, has appeared in various TV shows and conferences. This was her first time in Cyprus.

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